Limited Editions

9 - 21 September

Some of Britain's most exciting new theatre-makers visit the Shed for a series of limited runs.


The Bullet and The Bass Trombone

Presented by Sleepdogs and MAYK
Written & performed by Timothy X Atack

9 - 11 September

There’s a concert orchestra, trapped in a city during a military coup. As violence erupts, with pitched battles breaking out around them, the orchestra becomes separated – lost – hoping and trying to find their way back to each other. The composer is left to tell the story.

With an intricate, fractured narrative and haunting soundtrack, The Bullet and The Bass Trombone is a modern hymn to people and places now lost.

The story comes together from the smallest of pieces, like a mosaic: a whistling bird in the jungle; a gunfight on an airport runway; a murder in a forest of music stands. It’s a fugue of voices, memories and sounds, played by a lone performer trying to make sense of the chaos.

Directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya
Lighting Design by Anthony Dunn

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Squally Showers

Presented by Little Bulb Theatre and Farnham Maltings

12 - 14 September

Following their previous smash hits Crocosmia and Operation Greenfield, Little Bulb Theatre return with their latest offering, exploring dance theatre and the whirlwind that was the 1980's.

It's the decade of all or nothing and a magical storm is gathering pace...

Told with exciting choreography, eclectic soundtrack and bizarre characters, Squally Showers is a fantastical balletic farce of politics, power, loneliness and love.

"Recklessly talented...insanely brave" Lyn Gardner, Guardian

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Ours Was The Fen Country

Presented by Still House and MAYK
Created by Dan Canham

16 - 18 September

For the past 2 years Dan Canham has been capturing conversations with people of the fens in East Anglia. Eel-catchers, horse breeders and young farmers have all been interviewed. In this ethereal piece of dance-theatre Dan and his team fuse movement and sound with the words and memories of their native collaborators to get to the heart of the Fens – a beautiful, bleak and mysterious expanse of flat land.

In a place where the soil is shrinking by the height of a person in the life of a person, Ours Was The Fen Country is a poetic look at a disappearing community and the inevitability of change.

Devised and performed by Dan Canham, Tilly Webber, Ian Morgan and Neil Paris
Directed by Dan Canham
Lighting Design by Malcolm Rippeth
Produced by MAYK

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Presented by The Wardrobe Ensemble

18 - 20 September

An epic tale of violence, greed and cheap sofas.

10 February 2005. At the stroke of midnight the British public punch, kick, strangle and eventually stab their way to £45 sofas and £35 bed frames at the opening of their favourite Swedish furniture store.

RIOT is a true story set in a lamp-lit flat-pack universe bursting with violence, chaos and more characters than you can throw a meatball at.

Hammered together with physical theatre and music, The Wardrobe Ensemble tear up the instructions and disregard the diagrams to construct a comedic tragedy of a thoroughly modern kind.

Directed by Tom Brennan
Devised by The Wardrobe Ensemble
Produced by Hannah Smith

Tom Brennan
Emily Greenslade
Jesse Jones
Kerry Lovell
Jesse Meadows
Helena Middleton
James Newton
Ben Vardy
Edith Woolley

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Up Down Boy

Presented by Myrtle Theatre Company in association with Salisbury Playhouse

21 September

Matty is off to college in an hour – and he’s left it to Mum to pack his case. She won’t miss the slamming doors, the queue for the bathroom and the phone bills. But Matty is no ordinary teenager – and will his mother cope without him?

This honest and uplifting play was inspired by the extraordinary life story of a boy with Down’s syndrome and his mother’s humorous perspective on bringing him up.

In this unique production, the gifted and charismatic Nathan Bessell plays the central character Matty, drawing on his own life experiences.

Age recommendation: adults and children 12+

Matty - Nathan Bessell
Odette - Heather Williams

Creative Producer - Hilary Davis
Dramaturge - Catherine Johnson

Directors - Heather Williams & Gareth Machin
Designer - Katie Sykes
Choreographer - Michelle Gaskell
Composer - John O’Hara
Lighting / Projection Designer - Michael Straun
Animation - Evil Genius
Choreographic Consultant - Jonathan Lunn
Martial Arts Advisor - Rieko Kijima

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